LEVER ES Services

With over 25+ years of industry experience and in-depth product knowledge, we excel at assessing applications with precision and efficiency. Our extensive background combined with our supply partners allows us to identify potential issues early, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

LEVER expertise not only minimises operational costs by preventing costly errors and inefficiencies but also significantly reduces downtime, keeping your operations running smoothly and profitably.

We offer a wide range of support services to our customers including:


Our ‘Smart Store’ is a customer focussed and highly flexible B2B eCommerce platform designed to streamline the purchasing process of critical components & consumables.

Developed to work in synergy with our inventory system to offer industry-leading customer service and technical support, while providing you with increased operational efficiencies around your most critical and commonly purchased items.

Purchasing your items using the LEVER Smart Store provides you with the flexibility and convenience of buying online with your own customised catalogue and the following benefits:

While our ‘Smart Store’ offers time saving and convenience for repeat ordering, we still love to hear from our customers. For times of need, sometimes the old ways are the best, so please give us a call to discuss any products or services you require!