Sealing Systems

What Lever Offers

Effective sealing systems are crucial for preventing leaks and maintaining product quality. Find reliable solutions for your industry today.

Lever-Es provide extensive technical assistance regarding seal selection, identification and customization. 

Sealing solutions for radial and axial shaft applications in power transmission effectively cater to a diverse range of industrial sectors, spanning from large-scale wind turbines to compact, high-speed machine tools.

Lever-ES also offer:

  • O-Ring
  • Oil Seals
  • Circlips/Fastners
  • Shaft Seals
  • Gaskets

Hydraulic seals play a crucial role in hydraulic cylinders by effectively sealing the gaps between different components within the cylinder. These seals can be either moulded or machined, and their intricate design is meticulously crafted using advanced simulation software. They are engineered to excel in both dynamic and static sealing applications.

Choosing the appropriate seal profile and material for a specific application involves careful consideration of various factors. This section provides guidance for selecting the optimal seal for typical hydraulic applications and existing cylinder designs. In cases where application factors deviate from the norm or when specifying sealing systems for new hydraulic cylinder designs, a certain level of expertise may be necessary. Our team of experts is available to provide assistance in choosing the right sealing system for new cylinder designs.

Sealing solutions designed for fluid handling applications may be required to operate in contact with diverse types of fluids or slurries, some of which demand strict adherence to regulatory compliance standards.

SKF Spectraseal profiles find predominant use in applications characterized by extreme and demanding requirements where conventional moulded elastomers or thermoplastics are unsuitable due to material limitations.

We provide post-sales technical support, offering guidance on proper mounting techniques to enhance the lifespan of seals.