Power Transmission

What Lever Offers

Power transmission is the vital link between energy generation and mechanical motion in industrial settings. It encompasses the mechanisms and components responsible for transferring power from a source to machinery, enabling seamless operation across various applications. At Lever-es, we specialize in providing high-quality power transmission solutions, including gears, belts, chains, and couplings, meticulously engineered to optimise efficiency and reliability in your operations. Explore our range to discover how we can elevate your machinery’s performance and productivity.

Opting for superior quality belts can result in a reduced total cost of machinery ownership in the long run. Our product line includes a diverse range of belts, spanning from standard V-belts to high-performance variants. With an extensive selection of high-quality belts in neoprene and polyurethane, we are equipped to provide solutions that address specific challenges during the design phase or recommend enhancements for existing systems in operation across various industries.

Lever-ES presents an extensive selection of motors suitable for low, medium, and high voltage applications in both safe and hazardous environments. These motors are meticulously crafted to deliver cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions for various industrial processes. Additionally, our drive packages ensure guaranteed efficiency and reliability within a user-friendly variable speed drive system.

Our array of products can be swiftly adapted to meet specific requirements, and our expert team is readily available to provide technical support, ensuring the accurate selection of motors. For unique situations, we also provide tailored solutions to address your specific needs.

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) serves as a vital indicator of reliability, particularly in power transmission systems. Durable chain drives significantly prolong MTBF, leading to lower maintenance costs. Certain chain systems, characterized by inferior quality, exhibit low wear resistance and limited capability to endure harsh conditions like temperature fluctuations and shock loading.

Our diverse range of chains encompasses numerous high-performance variants, frequently chosen when other products prove inadequate.

Choosing a power transmission component can pose challenges, particularly when dealing with fundamental parts such as sprockets. It’s crucial that products come in various sizes to accommodate different design envelopes, eliminating the necessity for customized parts. Our extensive range ensures you can easily identify the appropriate sprocket size for your specific application.

All our sprockets are crafted from high-quality steels and can be further tailored for high performance with coatings like black oxide or zinc plating. Sprockets are available in diverse configurations, necessitating precise matching to a machine’s design.

Machine designers face the challenge of enhancing the performance of power transmission systems within limited time and resources. A variety of coupling systems, including customized solutions, play a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of these systems.

The choice of coupling is influenced by factors such as size and torque requirements. We offer a comprehensive selection of coupling types, encompassing grid, gear, flex, and jaw couplings. Additionally, our range includes OK couplings, utilizing oil injection for convenient mounting and dismounting, as well as flexible shaft couplings. Flexible shaft couplings address four types of shaft misalignment: angular, offset, a combination of the two, and axial movement. Grid couplings are designed for high output and high torque gear applications, while gear couplings are robust products with substantial bore capacities.

In engineering, particularly in power transmission projects, cost efficiency is paramount. Designers rely on high-quality components to sustain performance and manage operational expenses. The exceptional quality of our pulleys plays a crucial role in significantly prolonging belt life, thereby contributing to a reduction in the overall machinery ownership costs.

Our extensive range of pulleys encompasses various profiles, including:

  • Wedge Belt Pulleys
  • V-Belt Pulleys
  • Narrow Wedge Belt Pulleys
  • Classical & Metric Timing Pulleys
We simplify the process of selecting the optimal pulley for an application; for instance, a heavy-duty timing belt necessitates a sturdy, high-performance pulley.

Extensive Array of Solutions

We provide a comprehensive array of gearing solutions, encompassing:

  • Worm Gears
  • Bevel Gears
  • Helical Gears